Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Drako’Zen was founded by Reiki on June 2007. Ving was the second member to joined in, who Reiki happens to knew him thru a forum. Both of them happened to have the same interest on music and decided to start this band. Later the two brothers, Kim and Meo joined the band as guitarist and bassist while Ivan the drummer was the last to joined the band, who happens to be an old friend of Reiki’s.

Drako’Zen Concept:
Hardrock , heavy metal , nu-metal and rock ballad music. Their image is considered as Visual-Kei.

Reiki - Vocalist
Ving - Guitarist
Kim - Guitarist
Meo - Bassist

Former member:
Ivan - Drummer

Songs Release:
Ugly's - Youtube
Sink into Depravity - Youtube
Gianna - Youtube
be the best

Other Video:

Link: coming soon

Monday, September 20, 2010

Flicked Mind

Flicked Mind, founded by Yuki in June 2007 was named after her wrong pronunciation of the word "flicker" and also of her frequent changes of working styles and ideas. Flicked Mind started out as a band that focuses on playing Japanese songs because Yuki's voice suits that type of music.

Then, in the end of year 2008, Flicked Mind decided to be a tribute band to Tokyo Jihen when members who appreciate the non-conventions and individuality, Choy (bassist), Selphie (keyboardist), Fizi (Guitarist) joined the band. In other words, weird, but nice songs will normally appear in the list.

In 2009, Fizi left the band after his last performance with Flicked Mind in JROCK NO TAMASHII '09 due to his heavy schedule in school. Then Flicked Mind recruited Farouk as guitarist and Omar stays as permanent drummer and so, the journey goes on!

Unfortunately, when things started to move on smoothly, Selphie decided to leave the band in August 2009, due to some unforeseen circumstances.

Flicked Mind is happily composing their original songs while busy choreographing dance steps for the songs they are going to play anime events. They hope to express themselves in a rather different way and also entertaining people who came for their performances.

Unfortunately Flicked Mind has disband at early 2010 due to Yuki Start her music center career and after they release their original; Radio, I Will Fly and Beautiful Nightmare.

Flicked Mind's concept:

Yuki a.k.a Hui Kee - Vocalist
Choy - Bassist
Omar - Drummer
Farouk - Guitarist

Former members:
Selphie - Keyboardist
Fizi - Guitarist

Song Released:
Radio - Link
I Will Fly
Beautiful Nightmare

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about us

Spirits of Music organization was established in early March 2008 (formerly known as JRock Kingdom 4) to create an innovative community that welcomes all who are vastly in love and have great passion towards JRock music to join us. In this community, public are allowed to associate with local bands (Malaysia), get in touch with them and most importantly, to exchange musical knowledge and have certain perspective towards local music industry.

Vision & Mission
The main objective of Spirits of Music is to take this opportunity to introduce local band scene to public by using JRock as our main genre to attract more audiences.

Since we have "Malaysian Idol", "One in a Million", "Project Superstar" and "Akademi Fantasia" that discover and reveal individual talented singers in Malaysia, Spirits of Music aimed to be the medium to discover new, fresh talented artist - in the form of a band setting. This is a groundbreaking organization and we intent to make it to reality TV show in future.

With our slogan “where dream turns to reality”, we clearly stated the main aim for having such organization is to provide platforms for musicians to shine on stage with astonishing showmanship, since JRock is usually closely related to Visual-Kei (refers to a movement among Japanese musicians that is characterized by the use of eccentric, sometimes flamboyant looks). Therefore, with the rapid increasing number of independent bands in Malaysia, it is definitely a great opportunity and appropriate occasion for musicians to exchange musicianship and gain recognitions.

Due to the fact that our previous event, JRock Kingdom 4 that was held in RUUMS was well-received and successful, with over 800 audiences, Spirits of Music vowed to continue providing memorable and entertaining event to Malaysians.